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When I started my career change journey, there were no resources out there. I felt pretty isolated and at times, really confused. A career change shouldn't be so unclear! I created these courses with all the information I wish I knew during my career change. We'll go step by step creating an exit plan, helping you network effectively, redo your resume, find the best places to search for jobs, top interview questions, the application process, follow up, and more.

Here's what you'll find in the Career Change Course

You can get everything in one place or piece by piece. This is a step-by-step course to take you through a career change. Find each piece below or get it all together in the bundle. By choosing the bundle, you'll get everything you need to make a smooth transition to a new career, plus access to exclusive content including a one on one session with Meghan. There's a great discount built in when you purchase everything together, access forever, and content is constantly being updated.

  • 6 page editable workbooks with 20+ pages of content and actionable steps to take through your career change journey. From sample interview question answers to tracking your applications to sample resumes. It's all here in one place to set you up for success.

  • 10 videos with content to help you engage and dive even deeper into what is needed to make a career change

  • 30 minute 1-on-1 consultation with Meghan, expert in career changes and creator of the Career Change Course

  • 3 bonus sessions with expert leaders in workplace research, freelancing, and entrepreneurship

  • Collaborative and interactive platform to connect with others in the course and share your learning throughout the course

  • Not ready for everything yet? Get a portion of the course on resumes, interviews, or networking instead. The rest will be here when you're ready.

What People are Saying About the Course

My New Job Started Today!


I want to thank you so much for all your help, today was my first day in my new remote role as a sales development representative with a fast growing Edtech start-up. I love my new job and the flexibility it brings. I never thought I could increase my income and gain the flexibility of working remotely, but your course showed me how that was possible. I have a full time career with benefits that are honestly better than what I had working in the public school system. While I am so happy I worked in education and it helped me move into the position I am in now, I was ready for a change. Meghan’s career change for teachers course walked me through how to update my resume to highlight my transferable skills, walked me through different career possibilities, and helped with the emotional roller coaster that is the job search process. (I thought I didn’t need the mindset section but I am so, so glad I went back and worked through that part because it really helped me get through and prepare for the long interview process that takes place in the corporate world.) I really appreciate the time Meghan took in our one on one meeting and the additional messages I sent her throughout my job search. It really kept me going having her encouragement. Thank you so much!

Thank you :)

Ms. B

I started my new job this week and what a difference it is from the teaching world. I am much more happier and less stressed already, and I still get to make a difference in the education field- which is a nice balance to have. I wanted to say a big thanks to you for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without your expertise and your support so thank you for helping teachers like me be more confident with roles outside of the classroom :)

Wow! I loved this course


Your course was fun, informative, and inspiring. I am very thankful to have come across you on Tik Tok and was able to take your course. You knocked it out of the park for the first time doing something like this! I was super nervous at first to take the class because a career change is a scary thing. You seamlessly created a safe, fun environment for everyone to feel comfortable, heard, and respected and that eased my mind so much. After the first session, I looked forward to our weekly meetings and learning more! I would definitely recommend your class to someone in the future.

So grateful

by Kathy

I have been following your TikTok since December and followed your advice about leaving the classroom to get a remote job in Ed tech. I got my first job offer on Friday and I’m in the second round of interviews for another company. I’m SO excited and could not have done it without your advice and help! I’ve wanted to do this for years and just didn’t know where to start. You’ve made a huge difference for me and I’m sure for many other people!! Killing the game.

Great Experience

by Emma

I first came across Meghan’s tiktok videos, and immediately began screenshotting her posts in my job searching when making the move from in person teaching to joining the edtech world. After reaching out to schedule a consultation with her, we met for a half hour and during this time she provided several suggestions to guide me through this process which I found informative and very helpful. I intend to continue working with her and have a lot of respect for her thoroughness and professionalism, as well as her wealth of knowledge and resources and encouraging attitude about a challenging situation. I would recommend consulting with her for anyone going through a similar experience.

Thank you

by Melinda

I just had to tell you that I go the job!! I honestly have to thank you for introducing me to the to the world of Ed tech so thank you so much!! I'm so excited for this next chapter

So relieved

by T

I have followed your advice and the tips you shared and just got hired! Thank you for inspiring me to start my job search and I am finally starting in two weeks. I feel so relieved!

Hi! I'm Meghan

I help teachers make a career change. Nice to Meet you.

Meghan Ramsey

I know what it's like to want to make a career change. I struggled to see my worth and understand the skills that I had were such an advantage even outside the classroom. While it is a challenge, I know the skills needed to transition and the steps you can take to do the same. I love helping others live out their dreams and find the best of what the world has to offer. You'll find this course helpful to you as we go through your transition. I've done the hard work to make this transition into a step by step process for you to land your next dream job.

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